· IP 55 metal enclosure

· Equipped for AC Drive  control or regular two speed

· Group Control of 8 lifts

· Up to 64 floors with speed up to 8m/s

· Collective selective

· Access code for VIP Service floors

· Self Diagnosis

· Statistical Pages for traffic control

· Coded signals for maximum Noise immunity

· Serial control data for Cx range .

· Multiplexed data control for CPU range.

· Individual call control programming

· 1 speed or two speed VVVF control signals

· Gong , alarm and emergency battery built-in

· Hydraulic auto re-leveling

· Nuisance call canceling

· Programming keypad for all features


Please contact us for Cx and CPU documentation.



Drives and Controls




Complete Elevator Controllers

· Elevator industry terminology parameters (speed settings is in terms of m/s and not Hz)

· Ropes canceling effect, too long tension ropes may cause unstable motion and weight

· Inertia Adaptive tuning and setting for  balanced or unbalanced cars.

· Drive Speed capability up to 15m/s.

· Adaptive tuning makes it suitable for old motors as well (no need to disconnect load).

· Closed loop, open loop preprogrammed parameters.

· No need for drive oversize, motor and drive are of same current rating.

· Drive Controls Main Contactor and Mechanical Brake output.

· HPV Explorer Win-Based software for ease of setting up parameters and copying

· 200% overload for 5sec. 150% for 1min.




AC Drives

Drives and Controls

L E M E X 

Lift Equipments & Maintenance

The world tallest SKYSCRAPERS are suited with Magnetek HPV and DSD series.

Reference Projects

For more details on control boards please check BBE AUTOMATION website.

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